Flooring Update

Last week was a long, loud, and dusty week at the house.  We had to remove all of our tiles in order to install the new floors.  The problem was that the tiles were glued down which made it 10x more difficult, loud, and messy for them to demo. We kept the original hardwoods in the dining room and family room because it will be easier to lay the new floors over it rather than demo those as well.  Our floor guy had to install plywood in order for the new floors to all flow.  I didn’t want to have thresholds in each room and even though it upped our budget to demo the tile and lay the plywood, I think it will flow so much better.  Totally worth it.  Not the prettiest update, but here are pictures of the floor progress…so ready for the new floors!B5041D05-37AA-4174-A749-C695F0D59984117A3D88-17D0-4EF8-A3EE-DDFDEF889400E00A08A5-C71C-4F51-B462-078885CE87C0


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I hope you all had a great weekend.  We observed Yom Kippur but unfortunately I couldn’t fast this year due to nursing and pumping- darn it!!

I was going to post this yesterday, but given everything that was happening in Vegas, I just didn’t feel right about it.  I am so sick and sad over what happened, I really don’t have the words. I am thinking about everyone who has been affected by the awful event that occurred yesterday.

On to something much lighter, there is so much progress to be shared on our master, but I thought I would show off the amazing floors in Eli’s room first!

Besides priming the walls, the next thing that had to go in Eli’s room was the floors.  Well, in the entire house really.  The carpet is just awful and it doesn’t help that our 10 year old pug literally goes potty on the carpet a minimum of 3 times a day.  We have gotten to the point where we don’t even clean it in some places because we don’t know if it is a new spot or just a stain that didn’t come out with our carpet cleaner.  It doesn’t help that the color of the carpet is brown, so you can’t even see where there is a stain most of the time.  So gross, I know.  Just know that we don’t allow the baby on the carpet- ever, so don’t go reporting us now!

We picked out the flooring pretty much immediately after we moved in because we wanted it installed in the nursery.  We had that professionally installed because there was just no time for David to do it considering Dax was born on closing day.  He was able to see how the handymen were able to install it, so this made it easier when it came time for Eli’s room.

David removed the carpet in Eli’s room and started installing the floors.  Between watching the handymen install the floors and Dax’s room, and doing it  once before at Owl Lane , that makes him a pro, right? Wrong!

We were in such a rush to get this room finished because we had a timeline of when we had to move into Eli’s temporary room, which obviously meant Eli had to be in his big boy room by then (yep, he’s still not in his room!). David installed the floors in a really short amount of time, too short if you ask me.  He was done installing them and about to install the baseboards , trim, and moldings, but that came to a complete halt.

I have bad OCD and am a huge perfectionist.  I was sitting on the floor and noticed that David did a really bad job at installing them.  Some of the planks weren’t installed all of the way, which caused weird leveling when you walked.  Sure, you would really have to be sitting on the floor and looking for these flaws, but this didn’t fly with me.  The dilemma we were having, or should I say David was having, was that he had to install every single plank in order for this to be fixed- was it worth it?.  I think he was hoping I would say “Oh, it’s fine! Just leave it”, but there was no way that was going to happen.  So, David spent the entire afternoon aka nap time uninstalling and reinstalling the floors perfectly.

He is known to be a very fast paced individual.  He rarely stops to think about anything, unless it comes to his real job. I can’t even tell you how many times I have told him that if he just took his time, things would turn out the way he wanted them to.  David ended up spending 3x as much time to do the floors as it would have taken to do them right the first time, but at the end of the day- or night, they look awesome! I hope he remembers that slow and steady wins the race for the next projects.

*Excuse the iPhone pics, we had no idea where our good camera was at this point

Bye bye bye Cubs colors!IMG_2767IMG_2893IMG_2769IMG_2897See ya, carpetIMG_2895Installing the floors…the first timeIMG_2941IMG_2994IMG_2942IMG_2978After all of the work it took to get these floors installed, you would think I would have taken a picture of the finished product.  Well, we thought it would be a good idea to build Eli’s big boy bed and it is sitting in the middle of the room, which makes it nearly impossible for me to take a picture of the floors.  Don’t worry though, next up is baseboard and moldings and you will be able to get a better picture of the floors then.

Demo Day 1

Happy Friday!

To David, demo day is by far the most exciting.  You get to knock walls down, rip stuff up, you know the drill.  Too bad he has a job and missed the entire thing.  I got to hang out at home in between school drop off and pick up and watch (I mean listen to) the progress. I am seriously shocked at how fast our contractor and his crew work.

Before they left, our contractor showed me the progress.  I was holding an exhausted and naked toddler so I feel like I couldn’t really take in everything he was showing me and telling me.  He put some caution tape up and locked the door for the evening so that Eli couldn’t somehow get in.

When David got home from work and found out that they locked the door, he lost his mind.  Well no, that’s an exaggeration, but he spent a good 10 minutes searching the house to find a way to unlock the door.  After much success, we were able to enter for David to swoon over the demo.

With all of the bathroom walls down, the bathroom looks completely different, and ten times bigger and more open.  I am now able to see our vision a lot more. So helpful.

DSC_0002The inside of our closets are gone.  The other side of this wall is the nursery- most specifically the wall that Dax’s crib is against. How he napped for almost 2 hours when they were knocking everything out of there is beyond me!DSC_0004DSC_0005Carpet is out and ready to build our new closet.DSC_0007Our view into the bathroomDSC_0009Where the tub used to be.DSC_0011DSC_0016Tub and toilet are gone!DSC_0018Old walk in closet.DSC_0021Previous single vanity.DSC_0022Toilet area- how I miss looking out the window while using the bathroom!DSC_0023View into the master bedroom.DSC_0024

Enjoy your weekend!! You will be able to find us camping out and admiring our new open space.