Goodbye 70’s Panneling

We weren’t totally expecting to start our new kitchen last week, but the workers move quick, so I really should have expected it since the upstairs is winding down.  Last Thursday they started demolishing our current family room/future kitchen. This room was pretty  much our giant storage room.  So many boxes, junk, and even some kitchen stuff that didn’t fit in our current kitchen.  It seriously is a disaster in there.  On Wednesday night they told us to pretty much empty the room out because they were starting Thursday.  I think I assumed they were just measuring, taking some stuff down, maybe starting to take down the paneling, but they full on starting to demo it.

The room had some lovely dark brown 70s paneling and I was so relieved to see what the room looked like without it.   I was shocked at how much bigger the room already looked just because the darkness was gone! So impressed.

I am not sure if I want to admit this but the one thing I will miss here is the beams.  I thought they were really pretty and all they needed was to be painted, but with us knocking down a wall in the future, it didn’t work to keep them.  The room would have looked off balance.  Our contractor also said that aesthetically the ceilings are not tall enough to have beams, and that they make the room look smaller.  He’s usually right so I trusted him and was happy they were knocking them down.

You can see how much the look of the room changed just from taking down the paneling, crazy right? This week they are knocking down the wall that separates our current kitchen from our future kitchen.  No words can describe my excitement for this, and my nerves.  We have a bunch of family coming in this week/ next weekend and I am still trying to figure out the logistics of how this will all work.

Before paneling was removed:DSC_0027DSC_0028DSC_0030DSC_0031After paneling was removed:IMG_4328IMG_4325IMG_4326IMG_4327

Walking Barefoot

So many updates, so little time.  Let’s start this cold Monday with some flooring updates! For starters, we no longer have to walk with hard sole shoes downstairs!!! We can officially walk barefoot.  This is huge. The downstairs floors are pretty much done- minus our current and future.  Those floors will be done once the new kitchen is built and the old kitchen is demolished (which is happening this week!).

I think that the floors look fabulous, once the trim is in and the house is painted it will come together so much better.  Right now it is a little hard for me to see past the awful paint colors, the fact that the doors are not in yet, and all of the other details that make it all come together, but David assured me it will look complete soon!DSC_0012DSC_0015

Moving on Up

I am pretty sure I mentioned this before, but if not I will now.  I hate having my laundry room downstairs.  In new builds, laundry rooms are often built upstairs, so that is really all we know.  In this home, the laundry room is right off of the garage and I can’t even explain what a hassle it is.  I know, first world problems, but with 2 kids (one who poops through his clothes 238927483 times a day), and loads and loads and loads of laundry, having the laundry room in this location is just such an inconvenience.  Since this house is 5 bedrooms upstairs, we figured we would convert the smallest room into a laundry room because it really is too small to use as a bedroom.  The room was a fully paneled room which made it look dark and dated.  That was obviously the first thing to go after the carpet was ripped out.  There was some damage to the drywall under the paneling, so instead of replacing the drywall, I think we might do shiplap but we are still going back and forth on it.  I feel like I am losing sleep over these decisions more and more every week!DSC_0123DSC_0125When we decided on moving the laundry upstairs, we first thought that we would tap into the plumbing from the boys’ bathroom, but our contractor thought the washing machine and dryer should go on the other wall, so they built a false wall to make all of the plumbing work. To save some money, David will be doing the floors, cabinets, and painting.  Honestly at this point, I don’t even care what the room looks like, I just am looking forward to not walking up and down the stairs all day in between laundry loads!5458F624-1675-4F8C-BF25-4B34DB12728150C7C110-F86D-44DB-83AE-38174713C875Happy Friday, I hope you have a much more easy laundry experience this weekend than I will have!

Flooring Update

Last week was a long, loud, and dusty week at the house.  We had to remove all of our tiles in order to install the new floors.  The problem was that the tiles were glued down which made it 10x more difficult, loud, and messy for them to demo. We kept the original hardwoods in the dining room and family room because it will be easier to lay the new floors over it rather than demo those as well.  Our floor guy had to install plywood in order for the new floors to all flow.  I didn’t want to have thresholds in each room and even though it upped our budget to demo the tile and lay the plywood, I think it will flow so much better.  Totally worth it.  Not the prettiest update, but here are pictures of the floor progress…so ready for the new floors!B5041D05-37AA-4174-A749-C695F0D59984117A3D88-17D0-4EF8-A3EE-DDFDEF889400E00A08A5-C71C-4F51-B462-078885CE87C0


Almost There

Monday is here again which means I am so excited because more work on the house will be done.  The bathroom is looking awesome and we are so close to the finish line- my tub is calling my name!  So much progress last week.  The cabinets went in, our mirrors and vanity lights were installed, the toilet and tub are in, and half of the shower door arrived as well. It is hard to remember what the bathroom used to look like, but that is not a bad thing! The only concern that I truly have for the bathroom is the size.  I thought it would be significantly larger than it is, and it’s probably the smallest bathroom we have ever had.  The plus is, it is a very functional bathroom.  We have so much storage, two sinks, a tub and a shower, and a separate giant walk in closet instead of the tiny one that used to be in the previous master bathroom.  We are so used to storing some of our toiletries and other bathroom necessities in Eli’s bathroom or a guest bathroom, so it will be nice to have it all in one place. I would be counting down the days until we can use it and move back into the master, but I still don’t have an accurate timeline.  Hopefully soon, especially since we have family coming to stay with us in two weeks!


What? I Can’t Hear You!

Just when I thought that demo day was going to be the loudest day yet, they started ripping out our floors.  Not our carpet, but our tile and wood.  I guess I am not sure why I said “ripped” out since it’s more like jack hammered out.  It has been so unbelievably loud that the house is shaking.  How Dax is somewhat sleeping through this is beyond me.  Maybe the constant vibrations are soothing to him? Who knows, I just know that if he could sleep through this he will be able to sleep through anything.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t lose any of his hearing…I’m not joking.  Eli on the other hand is having a really hard time.  He doesn’t understand why it is so loud and he is truly frightened.  Poor guy.  David is so lucky to be at work during the day and miss all of this fun stuff.

Since this house is so choppy, there are so many rooms and ways to get in and out of every room.  They put plastic up to protect the kitchen, bedrooms, living and family room, but it is still so dusty in the house.  I feel like I took a bath in dust.  It is disgusting and I am not sure how every single item is going to get cleaned.  Literally every item is covered. You can see why belowDSC_0019DSC_0021Hopefully my hearing goes back to normal this weekend, all I hear is a ringing at this point.

The Scent of Urine

Hello November!!! We had a blast celebrating Halloween with the kids yesterday, even though it was so cold out.  I guess I would take the cold over rain any day on Halloween. This year Eli dressed up as a UPS man and a hamburger.  Dax was a hot dog and the dog was dressed as french fries.  Speaking of our dog…

We have a 10 year old dog who has been potty trained pretty much since we got him 10 years ago.  Of course he has accidents here and there, but he doesn’t pee all over the house.  We have been fortunate enough to build all of our homes, but when we were in a temporary house during our stint in Minnesota, we noticed that the dog was having more and more accidents.  We came to the conclusion that it was because there were probably numerous dogs who stayed in the temp house before we did, and he was just marking his territory.  Once Compass Pointe was built, he rarely had any more accidents and was back to himself.

Let’s fast forward to our current home.  As you probably gathered by now, it is an older home, I think it was built in the 70s but I could be wrong.  The previous owners had two huge dogs and from the moment we moved into this house, the dog has peed multiple times…a day.  Oh but wait, he also poops at least once a day as well. No words can describe how disgusting I feel living here.  I can’t walk barefoot because who knows what I will step in, and I don’t let either of the boys roll around or play on the carpet.  It is so unsanitary and it smells so bad.  Thankfully it is colder out now, but can you imagine 80 degrees and humid with pee soaked carpets? The smell is just frightening.  Obviously we cleaned the carpet if we saw him pee, but there were so many times we didn’t catch him and unfortunely the carpet is such a dark tan with lots of texture in it, that it is pretty impossible to spot any stains.  Thats a good thing and not so good thing! We were so convinced this was happening because he can smell the dogs that used to live here, but our vet actually thinks he is just anxious with another move, new baby, and construction going around the house.  She prescribed him some prozac and bam…not one accident since he’s started taking it.  Granted he’s drugged out and exhausted for the majority of the day, at least he is using his yard to go poop and pee when he does have to go.  Such a big accomplishment especially since the house will be in perfect condition soon.  We don’t want him to ruin it!

With all of that being said, we decided we were through with carpet.  The only room in the house with carpet will be the basement, and we are planning on ripping that out eventually as well.  The contractor said they were going to start ripping out the carpet on Tuesday, but they actually started Monday and it seriously was more exciting than demo day in my opinion.  I didn’t realize how bad the house smelled like urine until the carpet was gone.  I feel like a new woman and like this is a new house.  So refreshing.  We are putting in wood throughout the house except for the boys’ bathroom which David will eventually tile, and the guest room upstairs (aka Eli’s temporary room).  The dog hasn’t peed in that room (yet) so there isn’t a need to replace the carpet until we actually redo the room.  We also are going to do some cool tiles in the laundry room and the mudroom and pantry downstairs.

Here you could see the lovely carpet, my sincerest apologies that you can’t smell it as well.DSC_0110DSC_0112DSC_0116DSC_0009DSC_0011DSC_0012DSC_0015