Our Personal Landfill Part 2

If you read my last post, I’m sure the suspense has been killing you. Haha ok maybe not. Anyway, if you didn’t read the post; I’ll sum it up for you. We have too much trash and other crap in our garage. So much that we look like creepy hoarders and need a dumpster to help load it all. It started off being somewhat tolerable, but I finally am at my wit’s end with it.

Now that we recapped on that…

David was getting the stroller out of the garage before Eli’s golf class, and when he went to close it, it broke. Big time.

David went to check on what the problem was, and it looked like the roller came off the track. Seemed like an easy fix, but of course we underestimated the problem.

We had to leave for golf, with the garage wide opened, and our embarrassing hoard like mess.

I went onto Thumbtack and found a guy to come fix it ASAP.  He charged a small fee to come out, and that went towards any materials. We had about 3.5 hours until he was going to come out to fix it, so David had to clean the garage out in that short time period in order to make space for the repair guy. He cleared a lot out before the repair guy arrived, and it looked 10x better than earlier that morning.

The verdict on te garage was that the system was completely broken.  He also told us that it looked like the garage was previously repaired, and they did the repairs incorrectly.  Doesnt surprise me at all to be honest. So after $500.00, we have a semi clean garage, and a brand new garage system that we could connect to our wi-fi.  It is pretty cool, but what would be even cooler, is new garage doors.  Our doors are so cheap looking and old, but until we do the exterior of the house, it just doesn’t make sense to repair them.  Next year!

Here is a little bit of what David accomplished in 3.5 hours.

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