When a 3 Year Old Needs Privacy

Eli was never the type of kid who demanded privacy. He’s pretty open and free, and he’s definitely extremely confident. With all of the disgusting things going on in the world, we have been spending time explaining how important privacy is, and who and who can’t touch him.

Unfortunately, Eli and Dax’s bathroom door wasn’t installed. Eli will spend a good 5-10 minutes after lunch each day going to the bathroom. He likes to sit on his toilet, look out the window, and talk about the birds and the trees, and our neighbors’ yards, but lately, Eli’s peaceful time on the potty has become disrupted by hurricane Dax.

Since there is no door- Dax does whatever it takes to crawl his way into the bathroom and harass Eli. I can’t even explain how annoying he is to him, so when Eli gets frustrated I totally understand why. Lately, Eli has been begging David to put up the door. He literally asks “Daddy, can you please put the door up so Dax stops bothering me? Pleaseeeeeeee!” I can ask David to do something 2837384874 times, but when Eli asks just once, shit gets done!!!

Things have already become so much easier now that Dax isn’t able to get into the bathroom. However, we came across two snags.

First, since we haven’t renovated the boys’ bathroom yet, the floors are at a different level/ height then the hallway floors. David had to cut the door to work with the current floors, but once we redo that bathroom and its floors, there will be a giant gap from the bottom of the door to the new floors. We decided that we will just have to replace the door yet again once we renovate the bathroom. It might cost more, but it will save so much time and craziness, it’s so worth it.

The next issue we came across was that there’s a giant crack in the door. David didn’t notice until he installed it, so now he can’t return it. He will most likely be able to fill it, and since we decided to replace the door once the bathroom is redone anyway- this really isn’t too big of an issue. Just annoying more than anything.

Even though only 3 out of 5 of the bedrooms are (mostly) complete upstairs, at least we can close the doors to hide the chaos behind them!

Now that the door is up, hopefully we can get it painted this weekend. By we I obviously mean David!

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