Master Bedroom Reveal

Happy Monday! We got tons done this weekend. It looks like Eli might have his big boy room ready really soon. Fingers crossed. But guess what??…

Here we go…another room to check off of our list! Our master bedroom is complete. Well, actually, the entire master suite is complete, which is such a relief! Because we have moved so many times, our styles have changed and our furniture has changed which means we have accumulated a lot of crap for our house- especially our master for some reason. I hate to admit it, but I am acually over our bedroom decor and furnture yet again, but David refuses to get new stuff until we are in a forever home and I really don’t blame him.  So, until then, we will make what we have work.  I think it looks really pretty and bright, and it is just a peaceful and comfy place to relax and sleep.

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