When it Rains it Pours

Our contractors will officially be done Tuesday. This is definitely bittersweet. We are so happy to have our space back but we are a little annoyed with our contractor for more reasons than I want to explain. At the end of the day we love the work they did, but would we use them again? Not sure.

We had big plans today. We had to go to the DMV to get our IL licenses and then David was going to work in the afternoon and work on the house at night. However, Mother Nature had different plans. We knew there was a snow storm coming but didn’t believe the weatherman when he said how bad it would be.

Last night, right when it was time to put the boys to bed, David thought it would be a brilliant idea to do some cuts for the fireplace. All of a sudden we hear a scream, David limps over, and all I see is blood and a lightheaded David on the kitchen floor. To skip the gory details, he had to rush to he hospital right as the snowstorm was beginning. He got home around 11 with stitches and in pain and he is pretty much out of commission right now.

So, there goes our plans for finishing the walk-in closet and the fireplace this weekend. Oh, and the floors in our pantry. This will for sure put us behind our already delayed renovation, and the snow doesn’t help!!! Schools are shut down and having a toddler and baby at home 24/7 is a lot of work!! It’s also really hard for David to give up control. He had hire a high schooler to plow our our driveway and to bring in all of the IKEA boxes from the garage. Fortunately, David is still able to build us a couch with his bad foot. Apparently it’s easy to build while sitting on the floor. Who knew!?

Hopefully he heals soon and we can keep this renovation going. Happy Friday!

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