The Door

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate.  We don’t celebrate Christmas, but I still love it! We had our usual Chinese food on Christmas Eve, Eli left cookies for Santa, and we went to see some amazing Christmas lights.  So nice!

We now have the door that closes off the new kitchen from the old kitchen (which will be becoming our pantry).  It looks great, and I am so excited to have so much space, but David and I made a little booboo with the planning of this door.

We thought we would buy a new table and light once the kitchen was complete. We were redoing everything, so why not get new furniture right? We had the measurements of the table, and knew the shape of the light, so we told the contractor and they did rough ins for where the light would go, which was based off of where the table was going.  What we didn’t do, was take into consideration where the door to get into our pantry would go, and how big the door would be.  The wall has been up for a while, so we knew exactly how wide the doorway was, but because there was no door, I think we kind of forgot that there eventually would be one, and that area would be used as a walkway into the pantry.  Oops.

Now that the door is there, and our light arrived last week, we realized that our vision wasn’t really possible anymore.  We have no idea where the table will go, and the electrical work our contractor did is kind of irrelevant.  Fortunately, we didn’t purchase the table yet, so we possibly could go with a different shape, but we shall see.4C27698A-AFB3-47E0-B41E-97D450251043

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