Sorry for the lack of posts. Internet problems over here! Plus life is just insane with the renovation, two demanding children and the holidays. Oh my!

The kitchen is really really coming together. I couldn’t be more happy with it so far. They have installed some of the cabinets and they look beautiful. David wanted to go with a less expensive cabinet since we don’t think we will be in this house forever, but our contractor advised us against that. Instead of completely custom cabs, we went with cabinets that weren’t the cheapest but weren’t the most expensive either. Another thing our contractor highly recommended was that they are built in the United States. Done and done.

I’ve always wanted cabinets that go to the ceiling. It’s funny because I can’t reach anything that high, but it looks pretty and can totally be used for storage right?

We went with pull outs/ instead of cabinets with doors for a lot of the kitchen. Our current kitchen has this and we never realized how incredibly functional it is.

Before this renovation started, I was mostly looking forward to a beautiful and clean kitchen. After living through this chaos, I don’t even care what it looks like anymore. I’m just excited for space, storage, and more space!!!We went and picked out our slab yesterday, we decided on backsplash, more floors are done, the island is built, and they started demolishing our current kitchen. Lots of updates to come. Until then, enjoy your weekend!

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