New Window

So glad it is Friday, this felt like the longest week ever, didn’t it?  We had a really nice big sliding door in our old family room/new kitchen.  There really wasn’t anything wrong with the door except for that it was a bitch to lock, but it just didn’t work with the new kitchen layout.  It also was bigger than we really needed it to be.  We knew we wanted the door gone, but were unsure what we wanted to do instead.  Do we do beautiful french doors somewhere else? A single door? No door? After the dog started peeing everywhere, we came up with many excuses and conclusions to why he was doing it. One of these excuses was that he is so used to a sliding door leading to a nice dog area, and he doesn’t have that in this house.  That is how we came up with our “door” solution.

We had to keep a sliding door because that’s all that works for the dog.  We decided on making the old slider a window because that is where the sink is going.  We also decided to build a new slider, but a much smaller version.  It will lead to a better part of the yard to make a dog area. Win win. The process to remove the old door, build a new window, and build a new slider was messy to say the least, but it looks so clean and brings in so much light.  I am really happy with what I am seeing so far!

Old sliderDSC_0031

New window

Looking More Like a Kitchen

Hello hello, to say I have been busy is an understatement.  What day is it again? I feel like I can’t keep track of anything anymore.  The remodel is still supposed to be done before Christmas, and I still don’t believe it.  I sure hope it is though.  I am ready to have a clean and quiet house.  We had some major dust last week after finally getting our housekeeper back and David had to let our contractor know that he needs to do a better job at sealing off the mess.  We totally understand there will be dust, but there is no need for there to be as much as there has been.  Eli went to brush his teeth and I noticed his toothbrush was brown from the dust, his tub was too.  David cleaned everything off and last night when I went to get towels for Eli they were covered too. Bleh!

The floors upstairs are finally complete (except for the laundry room), but the biggest thing that happened was in the kitchen.  We have lights, plumbing, and walls! It was kind of hard to envision the space, but now that we have walls it is so clear to me how it will look and I am so so excited. It might not look much to you all, but trust me it’s pretty major!

This week the cabinets are apparently going in, we get to pick out countertops and back splash, the sliding door is getting torn out and the new one is going in, and they are walling off the old kitchen from the new kitchen.  Hallelujah! Get excited….

Dust on Eli and Dax’s counter…yuckE4735B2C-59B8-4A94-A8C8-FA233791F23FUpstairs floorsBE46D67E-BBFA-49D9-BC52-577307A5673BC772CC5C-9BF3-49A3-87F0-5513A94AAF2C9B3E9497-5A3A-47AF-9908-E537893DC24DKitchen wallsD7B17E0F-450E-46E7-9782-CC125D875A3E5149FEB6-CC0C-4F44-8D6A-A22AD6A08183