The Wall is Down

Even though today is Monday, it’s a short week because of the holiday and it’s Eli’s birthday, so I am looking forward to this week! We have been enjoying our time with family, and are sad to see them go tomorrow!

After so much anticipation, the wall that separates our current kitchen from our future kitchen is finally down! I think I was expecting this crazy demo experience just like you see on HGTV, but it really wasn’t that dramatic or eventful.  Honestly, I was putting Dax to sleep and by the time I went downstairs to clean his bottle, the wall was down. The room looks absolutely huge.  We are going to have one massive kitchen.  Although, we thought that the master bathroom was going to be huge too and after the shower, tub, and cabinets went in, we realized it really isn’t big at all.  At least this kitchen will be larger than Compass Pointe. For now, the only stressful part of the kitchen remodel is that we are using our dining room/office as our eating area.  Since we are basically building a new kitchen, we can use our current kitchen as long as possible which is really helpful.  The downside is that because our new kitchen is being built, our storage room for all of our kitchen appliances is gone.  This means every single kitchen appliance we own is in our tiny kitchen, and without a pantry- there literally is zero space.  It’s sort of a nightmare but I am so thankful to still be able to use our kitchen. Now we have some serious decisions to make like how many recessed lights we want, how many pendants we want above the island, what size our table will be, faucets, backsplash, etc! Oh my!

It’s been a real struggle taking good pictures these days.  The workers are here during the day, and there is no lights right now.  So obviously it being almost winter, it is really dark by the time the workers leave!

Here you can see where the wall used to be that separated the kitchen from the family roomDSC_0001These picture are taken from our current kitchen looking into the new kitchenDSC_0004DSC_0005This is the wall that separates our new kitchen from what will be our family room.  The wall is getting expanded as much as possible to give it that “open” layout.DSC_0006

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