Flooring Update

Last week was a long, loud, and dusty week at the house.  We had to remove all of our tiles in order to install the new floors.  The problem was that the tiles were glued down which made it 10x more difficult, loud, and messy for them to demo. We kept the original hardwoods in the dining room and family room because it will be easier to lay the new floors over it rather than demo those as well.  Our floor guy had to install plywood in order for the new floors to all flow.  I didn’t want to have thresholds in each room and even though it upped our budget to demo the tile and lay the plywood, I think it will flow so much better.  Totally worth it.  Not the prettiest update, but here are pictures of the floor progress…so ready for the new floors!B5041D05-37AA-4174-A749-C695F0D59984117A3D88-17D0-4EF8-A3EE-DDFDEF889400E00A08A5-C71C-4F51-B462-078885CE87C0


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