Almost There

Monday is here again which means I am so excited because more work on the house will be done.  The bathroom is looking awesome and we are so close to the finish line- my tub is calling my name!  So much progress last week.  The cabinets went in, our mirrors and vanity lights were installed, the toilet and tub are in, and half of the shower door arrived as well. It is hard to remember what the bathroom used to look like, but that is not a bad thing! The only concern that I truly have for the bathroom is the size.  I thought it would be significantly larger than it is, and it’s probably the smallest bathroom we have ever had.  The plus is, it is a very functional bathroom.  We have so much storage, two sinks, a tub and a shower, and a separate giant walk in closet instead of the tiny one that used to be in the previous master bathroom.  We are so used to storing some of our toiletries and other bathroom necessities in Eli’s bathroom or a guest bathroom, so it will be nice to have it all in one place. I would be counting down the days until we can use it and move back into the master, but I still don’t have an accurate timeline.  Hopefully soon, especially since we have family coming to stay with us in two weeks!


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