What? I Can’t Hear You!

Just when I thought that demo day was going to be the loudest day yet, they started ripping out our floors.  Not our carpet, but our tile and wood.  I guess I am not sure why I said “ripped” out since it’s more like jack hammered out.  It has been so unbelievably loud that the house is shaking.  How Dax is somewhat sleeping through this is beyond me.  Maybe the constant vibrations are soothing to him? Who knows, I just know that if he could sleep through this he will be able to sleep through anything.  Let’s just hope he doesn’t lose any of his hearing…I’m not joking.  Eli on the other hand is having a really hard time.  He doesn’t understand why it is so loud and he is truly frightened.  Poor guy.  David is so lucky to be at work during the day and miss all of this fun stuff.

Since this house is so choppy, there are so many rooms and ways to get in and out of every room.  They put plastic up to protect the kitchen, bedrooms, living and family room, but it is still so dusty in the house.  I feel like I took a bath in dust.  It is disgusting and I am not sure how every single item is going to get cleaned.  Literally every item is covered. You can see why belowDSC_0019DSC_0021Hopefully my hearing goes back to normal this weekend, all I hear is a ringing at this point.

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