We Have Light…And a Few Other Things

I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but we didn’t have any lights in our master besides the two dinky lamps on our nightstands.   The room was so dark, even with the lamps on. We budgeted for a certain amount of recessed lighting and as our contractor has been working on our master, he thought we needed more than we budgeted for, especially in our bathroom and closet.  We got to see the progress and I am so happy we ended up putting more in.  The room is going to be so bright and pretty, and it’s going to be so nice to not have to pull a string in our closet for the light to go on.DSC_0011You can see there is some more canned lighting, and here my friends is our new walk in closet!DSC_0016DSC_0010

This window is currently in the new walk in closet, but we are moving it to the other side of the closet so that we have even more light in the bedroom.DSC_0013No words can describe my excitement for the light that will be in our bathroom.  We had one light, dark walls and floors, and beige/yellow tiles in the shower.  It was so dark and dirty looking.  Not to mention, our fan.  Holy moly, the fan in that bathroom was beyond disgusting.  It was so dirty that it made a creepy noise and didn’t ventilate anything in the room.  Because the fan was so awful, all of our towels and my clothes in the closet smelled like mildew and mold. So lovely.  David’s company carries intense fans, and when we told the contractor which kind we got he said it will literally suck up everything.  I can’t wait to buy new towels and to not feel dirty and smelly after I use them!

Future shower
Future double vanity

You can see with the marks on the wall, but we will have two mirrors and then light fixtures above them- yay, more light!DSC_0007Our contractor framed the wall behind where our bathtub will be going.  He inserted an area for us to store candles and bubbles and such.DSC_0002I am so impressed with our contractor and the rest of his team so far.  They are so respectful of our space, honest, keeping us on budget as best as they can, and doing an amazing job! You would think I would be excited at 5:00 when David gets home, but the truth is I am more excited for the contractor to leave than for David to take the boys off of my hands because that is when I get to see the progress!!

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