Demo Day 1

Happy Friday!

To David, demo day is by far the most exciting.  You get to knock walls down, rip stuff up, you know the drill.  Too bad he has a job and missed the entire thing.  I got to hang out at home in between school drop off and pick up and watch (I mean listen to) the progress. I am seriously shocked at how fast our contractor and his crew work.

Before they left, our contractor showed me the progress.  I was holding an exhausted and naked toddler so I feel like I couldn’t really take in everything he was showing me and telling me.  He put some caution tape up and locked the door for the evening so that Eli couldn’t somehow get in.

When David got home from work and found out that they locked the door, he lost his mind.  Well no, that’s an exaggeration, but he spent a good 10 minutes searching the house to find a way to unlock the door.  After much success, we were able to enter for David to swoon over the demo.

With all of the bathroom walls down, the bathroom looks completely different, and ten times bigger and more open.  I am now able to see our vision a lot more. So helpful.

DSC_0002The inside of our closets are gone.  The other side of this wall is the nursery- most specifically the wall that Dax’s crib is against. How he napped for almost 2 hours when they were knocking everything out of there is beyond me!DSC_0004DSC_0005Carpet is out and ready to build our new closet.DSC_0007Our view into the bathroomDSC_0009Where the tub used to be.DSC_0011DSC_0016Tub and toilet are gone!DSC_0018Old walk in closet.DSC_0021Previous single vanity.DSC_0022Toilet area- how I miss looking out the window while using the bathroom!DSC_0023View into the master bedroom.DSC_0024

Enjoy your weekend!! You will be able to find us camping out and admiring our new open space.

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